A Little Bit About Us

Betty Smith

Owner, Head Baker

I grew up in Amarillo Texas and, as a little girl, I loved to cook in the kitchen with my mom. I remember thinking that someday, I want to be like her.>/i> She has a passion of cooking and baking. She worked in a kitchen at a retirement home and in the summer, I would get up early at 4 am to go be with her and watch the ladies cook. We have a big family, so there was always food to eat and more for the "extra" company that we planned for... just in case someone popped in expectantly.

For years I cooked mom's recipes and would try new ones. I learned that, like a fitting dress, not every "one" is good for all. So, I would tweak the recipe until I got it exactly like I wanted it. Sometimes throwing out several batches before getting it right is what it took. I felt that if I could put a smile on someone's face with these creations, then my work was accomplished.

I dreamed of having my own place for YEARS! I prayed A LOT about this dream. I worked a full-time job, had a family of 8 and still found time for baking in-between piano practice, football games, golf etc. and of course entering craft shows. Some nights, my bed eluded me.

I felt that my collection of baking toys, classes and auction finds would someday be put to use. I reached for this dream 7 years ago, but the timing wasn't right. So, it was put on a shelf a little while longer.

After moving from Amarillo to Perryton, Texas and working for an oil & gas company for 14 years, I decided to move back to Amarillo and pursue this dream again. This time the cards began to fall into place. It was scary but I had peace along the way.

I have had an enormous amount of support from my loving husband, children, so many friends, family and those that I didn't know before, (some that own- or have owned- bakeries in our local area). From the name of Uptown Sweet Shoppe, to the colors and everything in between, without these precious souls, Uptown Sweet Shoppe would not exist.

Although it has stretched me to new levels I didn't know existed, I am so happy I'm finally living my dream. I continue to pray for God's divine wisdom, without Him and his daily guidance, I would be lost. I know now how real Philippians 4:13 impacts my life... daily.... I pray for Him to guide me with every decision that has to be made daily.