Meet Cara Linn – Owner of Uptown Sweet Shoppe


Fascinated with baking and cake decorating her entire life led her to attend the Chef John Folse Culinary Institute at Nicholls State University, followed by an internship in New York City with renowned Cake Designer, Elisa Strauss. From there, she worked in several restaurants and bakeries in New York City until she eventually started her own business in Brooklyn, where she made wedding cakes and hosted cake decorating classes.

“As I got older and struggled through some health issues, I began experimenting with more natural, unrefined ingredients and found that it had a significant impact on the way I felt.  As I switched out all processed sugar and flour in my sweets with organic, unrefined ones, I was surprised to find they actually seemed to taste better, and even more incredible, they didn’t leave me with the dreaded carb crash!”

This is the reason at Uptown, we refuse to use anything but these same unrefined ingredients in all our recipes. We hope you’ll taste and feel the difference in our sweets!

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Leslyn Gillman

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